Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst, 6320 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221  716-634-3010

Tapestry Project

Red and Orange

Symbols are powerful. For this congregation, one symbol that comes to mind is that of a tapestry; many separate threads that, woven together, create something beautiful and larger than any individual could be.

Pam Kent, our amazing resident weaver and fiber artist, and Rev. Michelle have hatched an idea to create a group tapestry. Here’s how it will work: Each month we will collect yarn, ribbons, and strips of fabric (18-24”) and Pam will weave them together in a rainbow tapestry (each of our UU principles is represented in rainbow colors).  A collection basket will be available at the back of the Chapel.  A fun project for all ages!

Sept – Red – 1st principle —  Respect all beings.
Oct – Orange – 2nd principle — Offer fair and kind treatment
Nov – Yellow – 3rd principle — Yearn to learn
Dec – Green – 4th principle — Grow in spirit & mind
Jan – Black or Brown – proposed 8th principle — Build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community
Feb – Blue – 5th principle — Believe in your ideas & act on them
Mar – Indigo – 6th principle — Insist on peace, freedom & justice
  Apr – Violet* – 7th principle –Value the connections in all creation
* This is white in some Native American traditions.