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Spirit Play

This faith development curriculum uses Montessori philosophy of education to help children find their own answers to “existential questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? What is my purpose? What are my gifts? How do I choose to live my life? What happens when I die? Why am I lonely and sad sometimes?”  This approach fosters a spiritual community among the children and supports multiple learning styles.  Two adult guides encourage the children to find personal meaning to stories that are focused on core principles and sources of our faith through the use of wondering questions, learning centers and manipulative materials such as paint, clay and other media.

Stories embrace the following themes:

Unitarian Universalist Focus
Promises (Our Principles)
From our Sources
Stories of the Mystery that some people call God
Beginnings and Endings
Sacred Places
Church Corner or Altar Table
Ways to Pray
Heroes and Heroines (Prophetic Women and Men)
World Religion Stories
Judeo-Christian Stories
Stories based in Science
Stories of our Interdependent Web