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The Worth of our Work

Many of us find our worth and dignity in the work we do; it defines us and calls us to reach higher, go deeper. Today we celebrate the work of our lives and the work of our living.

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Touchstone: Covenant

A “touchstone” is defined as a criterion against which something is recognized. In this interactive service, we will explore the uniquely covenantal aspect of our faith. Want a hint? “Church is where we practice becoming more human. The ground of our being together is our covenant.” (James Luther Adams)

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Summer Reading

I will admit to having a “fiction addiction” – and this summer I indulged my passion for apocalyptic/dystopian speculative fiction. Come and hear the spiritual truths I discovered in my summer reading. Want a hint? “God is change… The universe is God’s self-portrait.” (Octavia Butler)

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Asking for What You Need

“Asking for What You Need”–What do you do for rest? If that doesn’t sound like a complete sentence, you might be an over-achiever. Come and discover how to ask for what you need.

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In the name of the Bee

Happy Mother’s Day! Come and enjoy a little inspiration from the poet, Emily Dickinson.

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Mind The Gap (Part 2)

Like fish, we don’t always notice the water we are swimming in. Let’s wrestle together with the presumption of ‘whiteness’ and our work for racial justice.

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A House For Hope

How can we live up to the promise of our progressive religion for the 21st century? Based on the book with the same title by John A. Buehrens and Rebecca Parker.

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“Stone Soup”

This is the culmination of our annual stewardship campaign; come celebrate how each of us contributes to the life and ministries of this congregation.

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Making Peace with Mammon

So many anxieties around money! Let’s pause and reflect upon our attitudes and anxieties – and maybe even discover creative pathways to peace and joy.

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