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“Would You Like to Hold the Baby?”

Of course you would, and coming soon is your chance to have a part in our Intergenerational Christmas Pageant on December 17. Whether you like to sing, to act, to make costumes, to direct plays, be onstage or off, there is a place for you! What I especially like about this pageant is that you are not guessing what you should be doing when – it comes with Job Descriptions and a Timeline. This service has 3 major “Organizers” – the Song Leader led ably by our Music Director Fran Landis, the Pageant Director organizes the children, youth and adults who will participate in the tableau (no speaking parts), and the Service Coordinator is the organized person who makes sure volunteers and participants have the resources they need and are on track to present a meaningful worship experience on December 17. If you have been involved in pageants in previous years, please ask Rev. Michelle or Karen LoBracco to show you the packet to see if the Service Coordinator or Pageant Director job is doable for you. If you have no experience in pageants, then also talk to Rev. Michelle or Karen to see what job might fit your interests. And it will be inspiring and fun for all of us!

10:30  Intergeneration Christmas Pageant

11:30  Coffee and Conversation