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9-12th Grade

Virtue Ethics: An Ethical Development Program for High School Youth

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Virtue Ethics is written for high school youth. It consists of 12 workshops which can be co-led by youth if they desire.


A rotating team of at least four adults will lead the Senior Youth Group program. Having two leaders present at all times helps assure safety and co-leadership is beneficial for youth to be exposed to more than one perspective and personality.

Program Overview

The Virtue Ethics program offers an intentional process of engagement with others in examining ethical concepts, dilemmas, and questions to help youth clarify and expand their ethical understanding independent of a personal crisis.

  • Youth will examine how they have arrived at ethical positions that they hold dear. They explore new perspectives, identify areas for further questions and exploration, and perhaps more fully embrace ethical positions they reach through careful discernment.
  • Classes will deepen and expand the knowledge and skills of youth for a process of ethical reflection that is central to living our Unitarian Universalist faith.
  • The lessons are based on stories, including stories from participants’ personal lives, stories of people, congregations, and organizations at moments of decision, and complex real life scenarios.
  • Learning takes place through discussion, reflection, experiential learning, community building, and suggestions for justice-making activities that bring Unitarian Universalist religious ethics to bear in the community and the wider world.

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Jeanine Moyer , Religious Education Committee Chairperson